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I like being alone.  I was thinking about it today, after listening to so many people talk about feeling lonely during this pandemic-induced isolation.  My experience has been somewhat different.  I can feel lonely in a crowd of 10,000 people, yet not lonely at all by myself.  Isolation, for me, is a relief.

I love going to the movies alone.  I love eating a nice meal at a restaurant with just myself and a great book or the New York Times.  I feel overwhelmed with comfort and joy when I walk to the Will Call window at a Broadway theater and say “Price, just one.”   There’s freedom and deep joy for me in getting to be present without having to be anything to anyone else.  Maybe part of that is that I’ve spent – certainly my career – but also most of my life being a person other people need me to be.

When I write it down, it sounds weak, but it’s actually a bit of a superpower.  I remember getting a call from a producer, telling me he had a monster of a jackass lead actor, and he NEEDED me to wrangle him for a network presentation.  He said I was the only actress he knew who could literally get along with anyone and make this guy look better.  Bad Boy Narcissists?  Not a problem.  Hair-trigger Abusive Addicts?  Sign me up.  Self-Centered Control Freaks?  That‘s my specialty.   I will never choose to work with anyone like that for an extended period of time (and, thank God, I’ve never had to), but I can – for a limited time – make just about any potentially volatile situation ok, both in life and in work.  

You’d think I’d grown up with people like that in my family, but I did not.  I was a very quiet little girl, surrounded by a ton of siblings and family who all, for the most part, got along.  I think I just realized early that, having no clue who I actually was, life was more peaceful and I was happier when I simply gave other people who or what they needed.   If I didn’t feel strongly one way or the other, what’s the harm in letting other people have what they want?  

But it’s a dangerous road.  As the chameleon perpetually adapts, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern her true color.  Does she even have one?  What color is she when she’s standing alone, surrounded by nothing?   

I suppose that’s the road I’m on now – coming to know who I am, when nobody’s around.  Analysis doesn’t help me.  That just keeps me inside my head or inside someone else’s research, searching for THE ANSWER.  The best advice I’ve ever received came from my dear friend, Nicole.  I was stressed and anxious about an uncertain time coming up, and she looked at me intensely and said, “Stay curious.”  So that’s where I try to live.  On my best days, I’m curious about where I’m going and where the world is going and what’s going to happen and how I can help.  On my worst, I’m trying to predict and control, and that’s pure crazy-making.   Today, on my little brother’s birthday, I’m hopeful and peaceful, knitting a Christmas gift in my big, thick glasses and my favorite socks, and, honestly, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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  1. Not going to lie, I thoroughly enjoy your blog.
    I’m curious what thing your most proud of, or better yet, the thing you feel represents you as a person the best. Rules of Engagement happens to be my favorite. I watch that series, along with Scrubs, over and over. Sure, I’ve seen them a million times, but they’re like old friends and they bring me comfort. Have a nice day.

  2. “I love eating a nice meal at a restaurant with just myself and a great book or the New York Times.” This both terrifies and intrigues me. I have always wanted to do it but never had the nerve to try. I look forward to those moments in my day where things crack open enough that I can pour myself, alone, with a book, into and just enjoy being. Once restaurants are open again maybe I will try it.

  3. Yes! I love being alone. Taking a vacation, like Hawaii all alone. My dad taught me that. It’s just the best. It’s really nice to hear from you Megyn!!

  4. jonathan ibberson

    i completely agree and identify with your comments. unfortunately most are not possible on this side of the pond, with lockdown until christmas, at least their’s hope for everyone on the horizon. i’d like to wish you a happy thanksgiving, keep safe and keep blogging,it’s great to read intelligent and thoughtful musings to ponder. jonathan

  5. Patrick Martin

    Hello Megyn enjoy your character on Ground for life and Rules of Engagement. I enjoyed your topic Alone again. Do you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert? Have you ever heard of the Myers-briggs personality test? The topic you wrote is the way I feel really enjoyed hope to read more of your blogs. 😊 Thank you

  6. I have been following you probably since, Mystery, Alaska…big fan! Just want to say hey.

  7. First off and you may never heard this (oh sure you haven’t) you are gorgeous and a kick hiney actress. I read your blog about alone again and it is blowing my mind how myself and others have described me in the same way. I though I was just crazy. Looking forward to seeing more of your talents!

  8. * I didn’t know you have a blog!
    Being alone is the best. I’ve become afraid of how much I like it because I can self-isolate and reject social invitations. But what you say makes so much sense. I always try to please others or worry what they think , so of course being alone allows me to do whatever I want! And NYC is the best place to wander alone and free in a sea of strangers. 💛

  9. ooohhh, sooo well said! What a clear and perfect way to describe my introversion. I would add that for me, when I AM with someone because I asked for their company, oft times I simultaneously want them to leave me alone, lol. In a perfect world, they would just hang out in the other room, and leave me to my devices until I want to be closer to them. Wow. that sounds a lot like a cat.


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