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The Big Hatch

My name is Little Miss Megyn Price

And people seem to think I’m nice

But what they don’t know

Is I like to go

To Las Vegas and gamble with dice

(Winner, 3rd grade limerick contest)

I thought it appropriate to begin this blog on the day of my parents’ anniversary.  My parents chose this, the holiest of all holy days, April Fool’s Day, to exchange their sacred vows.  I am one of eight children — three were his, two were hers and we last three are theirs.  I have two siblings with double-jointed thumbs and two sisters named Susan.  My Great Aunt was so jealous of my Grandmother, that when Grandma got a dog named “Princess,” Aunt Dot got a dog and named her “Queenie.”  That’s my genetic pool.  We’re feisty, hard-working and quick to laugh at each other, especially when we light ourselves on fire, as one of the Susan’s does disturbingly often.

I’ve been told that, from the outside, my life looks glamorous and perfect.  Now, don’t get me wrong — I know I’ve got it good.  I have a wildly, enviable job and I love my life.  Most days, I’m so grateful I could pinch my dog.  But, the word perfect doesn’t even enter into this equation.  I am an actress by trade, but, the rest of the time, I’m a cooking, child-rearing, dancing, cheese-making, vegetable-growing, chicken-raising, triathlon-training, imperfect vegetarian circus act.  How do I “juggle it all?”  Well, I don’t.  Children get dropped.  Hamsters get ignored.  Mascara gets smeared.  When I stop beating myself up for the mistakes, however, I laugh one hell of a lot more and wrinkle one hell of a lot less.  There’s your beauty tip for the day.  Oh, and use coconut oil to take off your makeup.  It’s gentler and cheaper than all the other stuff on the market . . . and your eyelids will smell like the Lido deck of the Love Boat.

There’s an old Buddhist saying I love:  “There are only two mistakes one can make on the road to happiness;  not going all the way and not starting.”  This is my start.

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  1. Eric B. Jensen

    Fresh, original, and unpretentious. How Midwestern. I would have put you in only 5 or 6 states. You must have left Seattle when you were rather young. My big family of siblings were step-brothers, step-sisters, and 5 to 7 troubled kids from the state of Michigan. I can hardly remember a day back then that could not be labeled frantic. But my, my, was it ever fun! A crazy household full of kids no strangers to fighting, playing, and blisters on our hands. But we knew we were in a good place and knew it. It was not for many years that I learned that the diversity in our family, and the work ethic the farm required, would serve me well–as it obviously did for Megyn Samantha Price. Thanks for that slice of Americana. Hope this finds yourself in good health. For now, consider yourself vicariously hugged.

  2. What I wouldn’t have loved to have been your neighbor growing up. I would have been that little quirky guy that you couldn’t get rid of and begged you to be my best friend.
    What would have been the hardest thing is of course is as we got older that I would have had to watch another guy holding your hand, as my life has had little love, it’s your hand I would have to had been the one holding.
    When I walk by a mirror I know why my life has had so little love and why I was always that kid/man that was always the 3rd wheel in the way.
    That has made for a pretty unhappy life.
    It would have been nice too of had a little more love and a friend or two but now at that age now of 52, with no love for most of my life and no real friends to speak of (except for my dogs) I realize I’ll be the guy known as just being that man that only talks to people when in the cash register line.
    I love my garden to and I used to love going to Vegas. Now I am disabled a veteran and have 1 or 2 other problems in l top of what I’ve already mentioned but I have my dogs…
    Thank you Megan for being that Beautiful woman with most Beautiful Expressions in her face as the woman that could almost always put a smile on my normally expressionless face.
    Thank You 🙂 😦


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